Wednesday, September 24, 2014

C4K Summary for September

September 9-14


Joseph is a year seven student at Pt England School in Auckland, New Zealand. In his first post, Joseph told of his trip to Ambury Farm. His literary group was taken to the farm where they got to see sheep, chickens, cows, and a bull. They even got to see the cows being milked. He also learned that the brown cows are Friesian cows, and the black cows are Jersey cows. In my comment to Joseph, I told him who I am and where I attend school. I find it awesome that they got to go to a farm and experience the animals. I am from a farming community, so I was raised around many of the animals he got to see. My grandparents had chickens throughout my childhood, and they even once had a bull. He even taught me something new. I had no idea that those were two types of cows! I am looking forward to reading more of what he and his classmates learn throughout this year.

September 15-21


poetry with person reading under a treeZakiah is in Mrs. Schraml's fifth grade class in Independence, Ohio. Zakiah's blog post was a poem she had written about herself. She wrote about her personality, her hobbies, her family, and her interests. I told Zakiah that her post was a great blog post. I always enjoyed writing poems in my classes in school. They really are hard to come up with sometimes, but she did a great job! It’s
wonderful that she loves her family and likes to help others. Those two things are very important in life. I could also tell she's very creative, and I asked her what type jewelry do she likes best, since liking jewelry was part of her poem. Lastly, I told her I look forward to reading more from her and her classmates.


Kamar is part of Madame Thomas's senior class in Virginia. Kamar and several of the other students were assigned to write about how they would like to leave their mark on the world. Kamar admitted that when they thought about it, he, to be honest, really did not know how to make his mark on the world. My response to Kamar was simple. I told him that to be honest, I believe that none of us truly know how we’re going to make our mark on this world, but we all wish to leave some legacy behind us. The great thing is, we all have time to figure it out, and sometimes, achievements or opportunities that we would have never dreamed of present themselves. Life if full of possibilities. If he is great at helping, then pursue that. That’s one of the reasons I decided to major in education. His mark will be a product of his personality and passions, whatever he decides he wants to do, he should enjoy every moment of it.

September 22-28

Garret F:

hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hardGarret is a part of Ms. Allison Freitag's class at Iowa High School. Ms. Freitag assigned her class to write about which is more important, talent or hard work. Garret believes that it is hardwork that is the more important one of the two, because hard work is about setting goals and achieving them.
Garret does still believe that talent is important. I told Garret that I believe that hard work and talent do not have to oppose one another. They are complimentary to one another. Talent is something that you are naturally good at and usually provides a hobby that you enjoy doing. It is through hard work
that you can make something out of your talents. If someone’s talent is playing a musical instrument, then it is through hard work that they take that talent to the next level. Both talent and hard work are important in life; however, even if you don’t exactly have the talent for something, you should still work hard at it. Thus, in a way, hard work is more important, because whether you love or hate to do something, you should always work hard at it and do your best.

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