Saturday, October 25, 2014

C4K Summary for October

September 29-October 5


Haters gonna hate typographyJaea is in Madame Thomas's Class at Prince George County School. In this post, Jaea said "So you don’t like me? That’s okay, I don’t wake up everyday to impress you." Jaea's simple post left me with some very deep thoughts to consider. As I wrote my comment, I realized just how true this statement is. I told her that I love that she feels this way, since it took me along time to realize that I’m never going to be able to make everyone like me. We have no one to impress but ourselves. As long as we are happy with ourselves and the actions take, then what others think really does not matter. That does not give us an excuse to do mean or horrible things, but it gives us the confidence to live our lives the way we feel we should, not the way others feel we should. She did a great job.

October 6-12


family silhouettes at a sunset
Amber lives in Wisconsin and is in seventh grade. This post describes herself and her family. So far, she has had a wonderful year, and all of her teachers are very nice.  She has four people in her immediate family, but her extended family is huge. She loves to spend time with everyone in her family, and her favorite thing to do is to go canoeing and tubing with them. She is close with all of her family, but she is closest to her grandfather. Amber may be new to blogging, but she is going to do her best to write interesting posts that are fun to read. I told Amber that this is a wonderful introduction about herself. I myself only have one sister who is three years older than me. I also described activities I enjoy doing with my family, which is relatively small. Although we may not be large in numbers, we are massive in our amount of love. Lastly, I told her that I am also new to blogging. This is my first year, and I am enjoying it greatly. She may be new to this, but she doing a great job!

October 13-19

Amber M:

One for the Murpheys book coverAmber's blog post was about a book she and her class recently started reading, One For The Murphys. So far, they have met the main character and have been introduced to her life. Amber described what they have read so far, and she asked her classmates some questions about what they thought would happen in the book. Even though she just started the book, she thinks it is really good and is excited to finish it.  I told Amber that this is a great post. I have never read this book, but it sounds very intriguing. I am excited to see that she is so interesting in reading this book. Since I am going to be an English teacher, it is encouraging to see that kids are enjoying their reading. I told her that I know a lot of people who dislike reading, but it is a wonderful thing to pick up a book and live in that world for a while. She wrote a great summary of what she has read.

October 20-26


Volcano erruptingNoah is a year six student at Pt England School in Auckland, New Zealand. Noah's post was about a field trip his class got to take. Last Thursday, his school's six, seven, and eight classes got to go to the museum. First, they had morning tea. Then, once in the museum, they got to see all sorts of neat things, such as marae houses, dinosaur bones, an old town, and a library with books about soldiers and war. His favorite exhibit was the volcano because of the special effects that went along with it. After they saw the volcano, they had lunch time. After lunch, they got to see the rest of the museum before going back to school. This was a very fun post, so I told Noah of my experiences with museums. I told him that I love museums of all kinds, and it sounds like they went to a great one. My favorite thing would have been the library, but that's not surprising since I am going to be an English teacher. It surely seems like they enjoyed this trip. I know I would have! Lastly, I asked him what was in the rest of the museum that they saw after lunch and told him that this was a wonderful blog post.

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