Sunday, October 5, 2014

Project #13

This link below is connected to our Google Site that we created to share our lesson plan: Lesson Plan #1 Created by Heather Howton, Justin Thompson, Alex Odell, and Adrea Fust

Rosie the Riveter propaganda ad

Our lesson plan is directed at a tenth grade English class. In our lesson plan, the students will be learning about propaganda and its various categories. The students will explore examples of propaganda on their own as well as making a group ad on a their assigned category.


  1. Dear Heather,
    I am vey impressed with your blog! I teach ICT and I coordinate Education Technology implementation at a bilingual school in São paulo, Brazil. If you don't mind, I would like to use your blog to show my tecahers your amazing work and projects!
    I see you are workig with images to tech propaganda in English classes. Using the internet to get those pictures and to have your students access them makes your class much more engaging, I believe.
    This project you posted has its own website, where you share with students the images , tect and the calendar, where they have everything organized all in one place! Great way to communicate with students!! Also, it is easy fpr them to post homework and their findings there, having their learning shared with others, am I correct!?
    I am doing my masters in Education and Technology at Johns Hopkins University and it was part of my assignment to find a blog related to the topic and make comments. I am glad I have found your because it is a rich resource to any educator.
    Do you post your students work here too? Do you have a " best works" page or something? It is a gtreat oportunity to have them broadcast all of their learning, I have tryed with my students and I have noticed that when their work is to be displayed, the quality of their work is better because they know many people can see it!


  2. Dear Gláucia,
    I would not mind at all if you would like to use my blog. I feel just the opposite! I am very excited and pleased that you want to use it. Since this is a student project, I had not thought all the way through on how I would use that website if students were actually doing the project; however, if I were to really use this in the classroom, the website I created would be used exactly how you suggested. I would share the images and other propaganda on the website, and then have all the students work displayed on it where others could see. Students' work is always much better when it has to be displayed. I am not too far out of high school, and I saw this quite often when my class would be assigned projects. You said you had to find a blog related to the topic. What topic are you working with? Our class blog may help you find more useful information (
    --Heather Howton