Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blog Post #5 Part B


Silhouette stating never stop learningMy PLN started off as a little unorganized baby at the beginning of this semester. Now it has grown into a slightly more organized child, but altogether I am proud of how it is developing. I know it will continue to flourish into a fully organized adult one day. Like we all continue developing, I know it will never stop either. Before this class began, my PLN was nothing more than a crowded bookmarks bar. I made sure to try to keep it organized, but it never quite worked. Now I have a very nice Symbaloo in which I keep all of my links. My Symbaloo includes links to my blog, the class blog, Edutopia, and my C4T teachers' websites. I also have links to everyday websites such as Pinterest, Twitter, Khan Academy, Teaching Channel, Gmail, Facebook, Skype, Google Drive, and Purdue Owl. Within Twitter, my learning network has also grown. Some of my network has still hidden itself inside of my bookmarks bar, but all in all, it is definitely growing. I have learned a lot from forming my PLN, and I extremely look forward to growing it throughout my career!

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