Sunday, November 23, 2014

C4K Summary for November

October 27 - November 2

life cycle of a frogJordan is a fifth grade student in Ms. Stadler's class in South Africa. He and his classmate's posts were on the life cycle of a frog. Jordan described the laying of frog eggs, their fertilization, their growth and development, and their final development into a frog. This cycle happens again and again. In my comment to Jordan, I told him that I think life cycles are so awesome to learn about! He wrote a very good description of what his class learned. When I was younger, I actually used to spend time down at my family's pond to watch the tadpoles grow. I really don't like frogs now, but I must admit they are surely fascinating creatures. This post was great work.

November 3-9

Example of a Linoleum Cut for Printmaking
Jami is an eighth grade student in Mrs. Myers class at Waverly Shell Rock Middle School Iowa. For their art project this week, her used used linoleum blocks to make prints. Using a carving tool, they carved designs into their blocks. Then, they used small rollers called brayers to put color on their blocks. Lastly, paper was pressed onto the block to pick up the color and reveal the design. Jami's design was a blue peace sign. She really enjoyed doing this project. First, I told Jami who I am and where I go to school. I thought this was an awesome art project. We learned about printmaking in my Art Appreciation class last semester, but we never got to actually make a print. Since then I have wanted to make one. I absolutely love art. This was a great post!

November 17-23

Yazmin C

Helping Hands TreeYazmin in part of Mrs. Mena's fifth grade class in Chula Vista, California. This week, Yazmin's post was about two of philanthropy's iconic figures, Nelson Mandela and Jane Addams. She described the major accomplishments in both of their lives.
I told her that she did a very good job summarizing these two individual's lives. I have learned about Jane Addams many times before, but I have never learned much about Nelson Mandela. She taught me quite a few new things! She is doing great work.

Mason is in Mrs. DeBuhr's seventh grade class at Kingsland Middle School in Kingsland, Minnesota. This week, Mason's blog was about the goals he has set for himself now that his class has finished first quarter and are moving into second quarter. His goals are to raise his Literature and Language grades to A's, go to the bathroom less, and to stop talking in class so much. He says he is going to become a new Mason.

Goals spelled out on a clothespins

I told Mason that I am glad he has gotten through quarter one and have moved into second quarter. Setting goals for himself is a wonderful thing to do, and these are especially great goals! I'm sure his teacher will really appreciate it when he achieves these goals. I can tell he is working hard. He should keep going strong and keep up his good work.

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