Sunday, November 9, 2014

C4T #3

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Lana Gerin is a fifth grade teacher living in the South with her husband and her adorable son. She loves the Lord, and she loves her classroom. Her blog is entitled 4 the Love of Teaching. This post was a Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching. In this post, she went through five things she did through the week. The first was an adorable acrostic poem she received from one the students. The girl had taken Mrs. Gerin and used each letter to describe a sweet aspect of Lana's personality. The second experience of her week was a huge book haul. A retiring teacher was having a sale, and she bought 500 books for around twelve cents apiece. She got some awesome books! Third was some more awesome deals she got during the week. She found a straw dispenser to use as a pencil dispenser, and she found an old book scanner. Next, she posted pictures of some artwork she and her son did on a rainy day. He painted handprint acorns, a fall tree, and a rainbow. Lastly during her week, she and her husband toured a school that her son might be attending next year. She and her husband are trusting in the Lord to take them wherever they need to go.

C4T#3, comment 1
Once I told Lana who I am, I began by telling her that this post was extremely refreshing to read. I love reading teachers' blogs that are so enthusiastic about their students and classrooms. Her book find was an awesome score! The artwork by her and her son is also adorable, and it is wonderful to see that she has put her life into the hands of the Lord. Lastly, I told her that I look forward to reading more of her posts.

Lana's next post is also another Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching. Her class had a busy week this week. Her school hosted Red Ribbon Week, and she saw many colorful socks on their "Sock It to Drugs" day. They also had a "Dress Like Your Hero" day, and one girl made her own cape with her Heroes and Sheroes on it. Next, her class completed their STEM project, "Do you think the number of seeds in a pumpkin is related to the size of the pumpkin?" Their pumpkin had 840 seeds! On Halloween, she dressed up with her son as Ninja Turtles and went Trick-or-Treating. Her last picture just shows how tired she is after such a fun, hectic week.

C4T#3, comment 2
Lana was Superwoman this week! I told her that her students do such neat activities. I love the socks, capes, and pumpkin seed project. She seems like a terrific, inspirational teacher! Her students and son are blessed to have her, and she must feel blessed to have them!

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